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September 17, 2008

As Time Goes By....

I want to share some information with you that many women ask "as time goes by" and we get older.

I had a potential customer write me about her skin care concerns. She wrote -

Within the last month or 2 I am experiencing that lovely perimenopause and the oil production on my face is out of control. I have always had combination skin, but this is extensive. Very greasy, particularly T-zone but also in the temple areas and have had breakouts. UG! It is so unpleasant that my bangs end up kind of greasy by days end. I end up cleaning my face about 3 times a day to cut down on the oils, but that cannot be good for my skin and I fear that I am not getting enough moisture to the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth area. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Dear Ms. Oily,

I understand your skin care concerns. As we are going through "change" our bodies and skin do some strange things.:) I don't know about you, but some times I feel like I'm going back to puberty myself.:)

To answer your question, you'll want to make sure you are using a skin care system that meets your needs. Since you have very oily skin you'll need a skin care system to control oil. Some women think that if they have oily skin they don't need to moisturize, not so. Your skin needs daily hydration and moisture. You'll get these benefits by using the correct skin care system -- the basics, cleanser and moisturizer and if needed some extra supplements.

To help control your oil beyond your skin care system I would suggest using a supplement that helps control oil throughout the day. One product I love and know that works is our Oil Mattifier. The Oil Mattifier absorbs oil and helps control shine for at least eight hours. And you can reapply it throughout the day – even over your foundation.

Another product I keep handy in my purse is our Beauty Blotters. These handy tissues absorb oil without the day and help keep your makeup fresh.

And to zap those zits, give our Acne Treatment Gel a try! A little dab daily will do it. The secret to this product is to continue to treat the affected area a few days after it disappears.

Remember, as you get older your skin care needs may change. I find though I'm still a bit oily I need additional hydration in some areas, so I've started using our Oil-Free Hydrating Gel. It's a perfect combination with my daily moisturizer.

Don't forget with the change of the seasons check your foundation shade. Most likely you will need a darker shade in the summer and lighter one in the winter.


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