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December 10, 2007

Beauty On The Inside Out

Being a skin care and color specialist I can help you feel good on the outside. What do you do to make yourself feel good on the inside? I'll be sharing some info later today on the subject.

Back to the 24 day of blogging.....

I came across Ellie Drake's website when I was reading Regina Baker's blog. If you haven't heard of Ellie, she is all over the Internet these days. Ellie has written a report about the Death of Network Marketing. Take some time to read the report and let me know what you think.

Ellie and my friends, Dina at Wordfeeder and Regina got me thinking about the future of my website and blog when it comes to driving traffic to my sites. People are talking about Web 2.0 what? and the future of the Internet. If you're thinking what I'm thinking times are a changing when it comes to how we market our businesses on the Internet.

Visit with Dina and find out what she can offer you. She's the expert!
And be sure and check out the FREE report Ellie has written. I was skeptical at first but it all makes sense to me now!

Here's to Your Divine December!


dina said...

Ohhh. Leslie, you are too nice for words. Look at all these plugs you're giving me, it's like Christmas! ;)

Say, are you on Myspace? Seems like the right place for a Skincare Girl to be. Speaking of Web 2.0...

Heidi at said...

Death of network marketing? Opinions? catchy title, creates controversy to get attention.

Too many loops to jump through just to get the free report, which I find to be a very long sales letter. Has much truth that others can relate to, I haven't checked out their products yet, but don't like the refer 3 friends for free bonus report, before I read the first one.

Network marketing isn't dead. Using the internet isn't new. I agree just having a company website is not enough, neither is most people's warm market. Build relationships online or off. No hype, secrets, tricks to get people to look.

Yes, most people have to find more people than those they already know, and sell product/service, which must be a good deal for the consumer. Same as any other type of business. Yes attract people. Today i talked to the person in charge of cards for a good size company, she went online, googled what she was looking for, found a lead capture page, sent me an email. I'm one of her top choices for next years cards. Use internet to attract.

One of my friends has been at the top of more than one company. Most of her business was built online, for many years, still is. She just had a book published sharing her experiences.

Name: SkinCareGirl said...

You are a deserve the BEST.:)

I agree and loved reading your thoughts. I would love to read your friends book. Do tell!

Happy Holidays Girls!

Heidi said...

Here you go, first books getting shipped out, hits Barnes and Noblr next month.

Heidi said...

Url chopped off. Diane shares her experiences, both good and bad.

Navigating The World Of Network Marketing

by Diane Walker and Jack Bastide

Kevin and Corrie said...

Great post Leslie. I will definately check out the info you posted. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day!


B said...

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