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December 7, 2007

24 Days of Blogging...Yes Two In One Day!:)

I'm excited about this 24 Days of Blogging thing after visiting Dina's blog and now my friend, Heidi's blog. Heidi has turned up the heat at her Connect Simply blog. I think Excitement is contagious and reading their blogs has put so many wonderful ideas in my head. Thanks girlfriends.:-)

What ideas? Heidi has reminded me to finish getting out my Christmas cards. I send all my cards through SendOutCards. With the high cost of buying cards at the store, SendOutCards has saved me lots of $$$$ and time.

I received a Christmas card from my brother today. I turned it over and what did I see? That darn card cost my brother $4.50 and of course that didn't include the postage. I know with my SendOutCards account I probably pay half the cost for each card and plus they mail it for me too!! I say, Cool Beans!

Tomorrow....the wonderful ideas that Dina put in my head.


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Dina at said...

Hi Leslie!

It's great to be back in touch. :) I really appreciate you taking the challenge with us and offering these two huge mentions in your blog. Such a sweet person you are!

Your post just reminded me I haven't done Christmas cards yet. YIKES.

Happy Blogging!

Heidi said...

Thanks Leslie!

I too am enjoying this, learning new things, visiting each others blogs, being part of the community. Now if we could just squeeze more time into a day.

Your words are much appreciated!

Heidi Caswell