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September 13, 2007

Beauty Trends For Fall

This fall it's all about rich colors of wine and burgundy lips. The key here is balancing the face. Keep the eyes lighter and let your lips sing!

Less on the cheeks - lots of color to the cheeks is NOT in this fall. So sweep on a neutral shade to give your cheeks a slight bit of color.

Fuller Looking Eyebrows - apply a bit of brow pencil using upward strokes and sweep over them with a clear brow gel.

Gold shimmering eye color - with an eye color brush sweep on gold eye color from the lid to the crease of your eye. Next smudge the same color under the lower lashes with a Q-tip.

Liquid eyeliner is making a come back - after applying your eye color liquid eyeliner is your next step. Apply slightly to upper lashes, never to the bottom. Liquid liner on the bottom lashes never looks natural. If you have trouble applying liquid eyeliner start by applying little dashes as you move across the eye, then go back and trace over the lines.

Simply flawless skin - start with a liquid foundation and follow-up with a loose translucent powder to give your skin a soft matte look.

If you shy away from dark shades of color on your lips apply lip color with your finger tips. This will stain your lips and give you a more natural look. Top it off with a bit of lip balm.

Finish your look this fall with mascara, apply to both top and bottom lashes.

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