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March 5, 2007

March is National Women's History Month

This may not be a "beauty tip" but it's Celebrating Beauty. That Beauty being WOMEN!:)

March is National Women's History Month! Come join us this month to Celebrate Women in History. Are you in the KNOW? Take the Women's History quiz. Or stop to share a story or two....Who had some influence in your life---whether it be personal or professional?

Other Women's History Month Happenings:

Heal Yourself Talk Radio (HYTR) will be doing a show in March for National Women's History Month. HYTR is looking for women to share their stories.

Who has been a positive influence on your life? Whether it be someone you know personally or someone you've never met(i.e., celebrity, author, etc) call Heal Yourself Talk Radio's Listeners Line at 214-615-6505 Ext 5036.

HYTR will be limiting responses to 10 women. You may leave your name and website address if you wish; whichever you feel the most comfortable.

For additional information, please contact Rebecca White at: For more information about Heal Yourself Talk Radio, please visit:

Beverly Mahone, Author of "Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age" is sponsoring a "Women on the Move and Making History" Contest, where one lucky winner will receive $75 for guessing the correct answers. Another winner will receive $25. The questions won't be easy but she'll be offering a hint:)

THERE IS A CATCH...... You must be a subscriber to Beverly's, "Live to Be Drama Free" Newsletter, because only the subscribers will be eligible to enter this contest.
You can subscribe by going to her website @:

Join Heidi Richards and women around the globe making history during Virtual Woman’s Day™ Celebration, Thursday, March 15, 2007 –

VWD is having a full day of Showcasing women, networking and hearing from some excellent speakers. The first 27 to register will have the opportunity to showcase their websites during our online conference. There are 17 slots left. When you register you automatically get a link on the blog home page with your URL. So hurry!

And finally, VWD is hosting a song-writing contest in celebration of Virtual Woman's Day. Be sure to enter. Grand prize is a Global Lifetime Membership in The WECAI Network™.

For more information on VWD or the WECAI Network visit: or
Heidi Richards is the Founder & CEO of The WECAI Network™“Helping Women Do Business on and off the WEB™”

Come Celebrate with other WIN-ning Women today!!
Here's to your "Moving March!"

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