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March 15, 2007

3 Steps to a Safe Tan

Step 1 - Buffing Cream - while in the shower, use Buffing Cream all over your
body. Use the Buffing Cream to shave your legs. Love that!!

Step 2 - Visibly Fit Body Lotion - After your shower, towel dry and immediately
massage Visibly Fit all over.

Step 3 - Sunless Tanning Lotion - immediately after applying Visibly Fit. It's best to work in small areas, starting with your legs and working upwards. Take a small amount (quarter size) — smoothing in an upward circular motion. Then apply to the upper leg, torso, chest, arms, etc.

Remember, areas that have more folds of skin, apply last and sparingly (knees, elbows, etc). Wash hands asap to avoid staining!

(you can mix the Visibly Fit in your hand with the Sunless Tanning for smoother and more even application — combine steps 2 & 3)

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