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February 9, 2006

Web Content Awareness Day - a New Holiday!

Here's an example of innovative thinking in marketing—my friend, Dina Giolitto, has created not only a special event, but a new holiday! That's right—it's called Web Content Awareness Day, or WCAD, and it launches TODAY, February 9th, 2006! Dina and about twenty other Ryze Network members and other expert internet marketers have written expert articles on all facets of internet marketing. The articles will be available in a downloadable e-book on February 9th.

Here's the entire press release—this is an ingenious idea with something for everyone who wants to kick their internet marketing, PR, SEO, blogging, podcasting and other marketing outreach into high gear in 2006:

Web Content Awareness Day Becomes Mass Traffic Generator for Online Biz Owners

Web marketers are flocking in droves to the "Countdown to Web Content Awareness Day Blog" where they can "see their name up in lights" and enjoy a ride on a mass traffic generator in exchange for their promotion of the First Ever Web Marketers' Holiday.

Dina Giolitto, Web Copywriting Consultant and owner of has been actively promoting the upcoming Web Content Awareness Day Website since December and is thrilled with the response she's received. Thanks to a contributing cast of 50+ gurus and experts, the first ever web marketers' holiday will feature a fully stocked website and a plethora of free information. Content Enthusiasts can look forward to timely advice on how to run a web business more effectively while keeping fresh content constantly feeding in.

As Dina tells it, "Oddly enough, the Web Content Awareness Day project (or WCAD) has truly increased our awareness of search engines and viral marketing. WCAD is momentum building on itself. By constantly monitoring our promotional effort, we've been able to isolate exactly which traffic-generating strategies bring the most 'bang for our traffic buck,' and the implementation of those strategies brings more traffic."

Among the quickest ways to build up very high web traffic in a short amount of time - article marketing, blogging, web PR, RSS feeds, networking and link exchanges, all of which will be discussed in-depth both on the Web Content Awareness Day Preview Blog and the main website. "open its doors" on February 9, 2006 offering tons of inside tips and free downloads from today's top web marketers and content creators.

Interested parties can get a sneak preview on the Countdown to Web Content Awareness Day Blog which is located at Web Content Awareness Day launches on February 9, 2006 at

Email for more information.

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