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February 22, 2006

Healthy Hand Care

Do you talk with your hands? Do you wear jewelry on your fingers or wrist? Do you get your nails done? These are all things that cause people to look at your hands. I have friends all the time ask me how I keep my hands so beautiful. I tell them it’s easy, “I just follow the necessary steps to taking care of the skin on my hand.”
Healthy hand care requires 3 basic things:
Repair - Restoring an abnormality that has occurred either from sun damage (spotting, freckles, loss of smoothness) or calluses and other hardenings of the skin (normally on the palm) that occur from physical activities.
Preventative measures - Protecting you skin from sun damage. Which requires a light sunscreen and wearing gloves when you are working outside.
Maintenance - Regular exfoliation, to remove dead surface cells that have no elasticity and moisturizing to maintain a supple smooth appearance in the new skin that has been brought to the surface after exfoliation.
Sounds like to much work? Wondering what products to use? Well, check this out:

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