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February 28, 2006

The Skin-Type Quiz

Skin care products help oily skin, normal skin and dry skin. Before you can begin an effective skin-care regimen, you need to know your skin type-treatments for dry and oily skin are totally different.

Take this quick skin-type quiz:
Large pores?
Few facial lines?
Skin feels oily to touch?
Fine pores or small pores?
Rarely break out?
Have fine lines?
Tight, drawn skin?
Oily forehead, nose and chin?
Dry, flaky cheeks?

YOU HAVE OILY SKIN if you answered yes to questions 1 through 4. The key to your skin care is oil control: Wash face with a rinse-off cleanser. Use an alcohol-based toner and a water-based moisturizer. Apply deep-cleansing mask weekly.

YOU HAVE DRY SKIN if you answered yes to 5 through 8. The key to your skin care is moisturizing: Wash face with a milky cleanser or gentle soap. Use emollient-rich day and night creams. Give yourself a super-hydrating mask weekly.

YOU HAVE COMBINATION SKIN if you answered yes to 9 and 10. The key to your skin care is balance. Wash with a gentle cleanser, using a complexion brush in oil T-zone. Follow up on this area with a medium-strength toner. Use a lightweight moisturizer on cheeks only.

Having said all this, realize that your face’s complexion changes and may become more sensitive as you age. Let’s face it (no pun intended!), after years of makeup, harsh environmental conditions indoors and out, sun exposure, or raging hormones, your skin is bound to react differently from year to year. Even something as wonderful as pregnancy and childbirth can change the chemical makeup of your skin.

And remember, your skin type can change with the Seasons too!

TIP: Get FREE samples of products from your beauty consultant before you buy. If you react badly to the sample, you’ll know not to buy the product.
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