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May 29, 2008

Recent Earthquake Touches Mary Kay China Family

The massive earthquake in China on May 12 has had devastating consequences and caused still untold deaths. We are saddened to tell you that the earthquake has touched some in our Mary Kay China family. Seven Independent Beauty Consultants were killed, with another seven injured. Fifteen have family members who were killed or injured, while 250 have reported damage to their homes.

Our Mary Kay China staff acted immediately, reaching out to the independent sales force and employees to check their safety, and providing support for recovery and relief efforts. They continue trying to contact 30 Independent Beauty Consultants they have not yet been able to reach.

In addition to the RMB* 3 million (US $430,738) donation that Mary Kay China directed to the primary disaster areas, they have organized an ongoing charity sale to raise additional funds. To date, the sales force has contributed RMB 2,226,650 (US $319,701).

Additionally, throughout June, Mary Kay China plans to donate RMB 1 (US $0.14) for each product sold in its basic skin care line, which they estimate will raise another RMB 1,000,000 (US $143,579).

If you would like to help relief efforts in China, you can donate to the Salvation Army or Red Cross, which are both directly supporting relief and recovery efforts there. Please contact these agencies directly for more information:

Thank you for your expressions of concern and generosity.

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