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May 9, 2007

Utah Woman Auctions off Great Salt Lake for a Piece of the Big Apple

My dear friend is on a roll to get to New York! Read her press release and learn more about University of Prosperity at her website!
(PRLEAP.COM) Utah author, Kim Mutch Emerson gathered 2 cc’s of briny water from the Great Salt Lake and posted it on eBay for auction in an experiment to get to a writing seminar in New York City. In a caper of what some might consider unconventional and others downright bizarre Utah author, Kim Mutch Emerson took a drive to the Great Salt Lake, gathered 2 cc’s of briny water and posted it on eBay for an auction. She believes it’s her ticket to New York City.When asked why she is auctioning off this minuscule amount of salt water Emerson stated, “I’ve been invited to New York for a writing seminar held by Mark Victor Hansen. The moment I received the invitation I knew I would be at that seminar. But there was a list of things that had to happen first. I needed to trademark my teaching system before presenting it in manuscript form in New York as well as other details. Then I had this crazy idea. If Kyle MacDonald could trade a red paper clip for a house last year, surely I can auction this piece of the famous Salt Lake for a trip to New York City. After all, I am not trying to buy New York; I just want to borrow it for a day. So, you see, it’s an experiment. I’m a writer, what can I say. ”Emerson is a public speaker, mentor and author of the Law of Attraction and other universal laws that have taken the world by storm since the release of the movie The Secret a year ago. She is putting this law to the test with her experiment. Will the world see Emerson in New York City at the end of May or will she find her dream floating in the second saltiest lake on earth?Kim Mutch Emerson is available for interviews by telephone at 801-788-4197. To visit her eBay auction click or find her at

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