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January 6, 2007

It's a New Year, New YOU!

The beginning of every year is a great time to make changes in your life. And when you're thinking about making a change in your beauty routine, it often goes much deeper than purchasing a new lipstick. Your beauty is 100% attached to your physical and mental well-being. But don't let that overwhelm you! We've pinpointed the basics in these 12 beauty resolutions to consider as this new year approaches. You might think about implementing one resolution per month to beautifully guide you through an entire new year.

1. Work-Out
If you're rethinking beauty priorities, nothing makes you look and feel as good as a regular exercise program. Whether you enjoy swimming, volleyball, tennis, boxing or biking, develop the discipline to stick with a sport or activity. Even walking 15 to 30 minutes a day makes a difference.
2. Change Your Style
Make an appointment with a makeup artist for a fresh take on what you might do to enhance your natural features. Sometimes, after years of applying eyeliner in the same way, wearing a favorite shade of lipstick or using the same fragrance until it runs dry, it's hard to open your eyes to the possibility of change. (You can often do this at the cosmetics counter. Don't feel pressured to buy makeup, be honest and say you're looking for ideas.)
3. Clean Your Closet
Swing open your closet doors and take a good look at what you have. Give away clothes you haven't worn in the last 18 months (two years at the most!). Making wardrobe decisions (what to keep, what to toss) makes room for new possibilities -- and current styles. Do the same with your beauty drawer, throwing out any cosmetics you're not currently using.
4. See Your Doctor
Schedule annual appointments with your physician and dentist. Never allow more than 12 months to pass without a visit to the doctor and dentist.
5. Make A Hair Reminder
The best time to make your next hair appointment is when you're visiting the salon. Always make your next appointment (especially for cut and color) before leaving -- and keep it! This will avoid last minute rescheduling, which takes time and energy you shouldn't be spending.
6. Go To A Spa
Think about an exercise vacation or a visit to a spa or fitness resort. This will engage your mind and body in a worthwhile retreat with, hopefully, lasting benefits. Log on to for ideas about where and how to get away.
7. Eat Right
Rethink your diet to maximize your level of energy. Experiment by eliminating certain foods until you have the optimum formula for you. Consider going all veggie, dairy-less, or low sugar until you find the right nutritional balance to meet your energy needs at home and at work.
8.Make One Big Change
Consider making one big beauty change such as getting a new haircut, having your teeth bleached, trying blond highlights or eliminating black from your fashion repertoire.
9. Be Kind
Do a good deed without expecting anything in return. Performing a random act of kindness changes your outlook and improves your sense of self and well-being. Polite behavior always contributes to inner and outer beauty.
10. Drink Water
Drink lots of water and concentrate on other "little things" you can do each day to improve your appearance and your demeanor: smile, listen, be attentive, sit straight, stand and stretch throughout the day, never ride when you can walk, and avoid caffeine.
11.Set A Goal
Make a goal to gradually lose those stubborn three to six pounds you've been hoping to shed with a safe, sensible plan that keeps the weight off.
12.Sleep Well
Get plenty of sleep! Get a good night's sleep and watch your complexion brighten, the circles under your eyes fade, and your overall skin tone -- and energy-level -- improve.

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arLeNe said...

Thanks for your advice. I agree that going to fitness resorts will result is a stronger and healthier you!