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December 17, 2007

SkinCareGirl's Favorite Things

An idea came to me some time ago. I've posted this before and thought it would perfect to post it again since it's the Holidays!

This came to mind after visiting and my visit to Alex the Girl's "Pet the Pretty Things." I thought....wouldn't it be fun to share my Favorite Things List too and ask visitors to do the same?

I've made a few purchases from the recommendations of Oprah and Alex the Girl, and have been quite satisfied, indeed! I've also included items I can't live without. They're "brought to you by" some special friends in my life at!

Would you do me a favor? If you have some favorite things you can't live without, please share!!

The Furminator - the BEST hair removal tool for your pet. This special anti-shedding treatment that dramatically reduces the mess and clean up of unwanted pet hair. You won't be disappointed!!
Canon Powershot 550 - on my wish list over at "Alex the Girl;" takes amazing photos, so she hooked me on this camera.
Tazo Tea Zen Green Tea Blend - An enlightening blend of the finest green teas and rare herbs available in this world. A nice, smooth, refreshing taste.
My Little Taste of Italy - Handmade biscotti, cakes, muffins and cookies. Melt in your mouth good! Italian Mama, Gloria makes them with LOVE.
The Best Organic Herbs - Herbs grown by safe and natural methods of farming, produces a product that is safe and healthy for the whole family. BEST on the Planet! PLUS fabulous Organic Teas too.
Vermont Shortbread Company - ahh, the tantalizing aroma of home-baked shortbread. Crumbly, chewy, with a hint of your favorite flavor spread thinly between two layers of buttery-rich crust.
TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer - this is a Must Have for me! Use it on your lips, inside and outside of your lip line, to extend lipstick wear and prevent feathering and bleeding. Based on a 12-week clinical study, a dermatologist saw 100 percent of the panelists had an improvement of fine lines on lips. For best results, you'll want to use the Satin Lips Set along with the Primer.
Roses and Teacups - Beautiful gifts wrapped with LOVE! Nancy offers beautiful items with feminine themes~Items to beautify your own life or that of a lucky someone else!


Darlene said...

Watkins products, since 1868, are the very best. All natural, no fillers or MSG and almost 400 products to choose from. Stop by and have a look and if you like what you see, make someone's dinner extra tasty with some of our great spices or other products. We can also help keep your home and family healthy. Check us out today and remember our 100% money back guarantee.

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness. My list is VERY long so I'll share as I think of things...

Let's see... I LOVE my pink Razor Cell Phone. It takes great photos on the go, and the voice command is awesome. I have the pink blue tooth headset to match as well - I'm such a girly girl ;)

I love my iPod Nano. I love music and this little gadget is awesome for rockin' out in the car with my daughter.

I also love a nice, warm Starbuck Mocha - YUM!

Speaking of Chocolate, I also LOVE Hershey's extra dark. Ahhhh... a little slice of heaven!

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of favorite things; let's see if I can keep the list manageable.

Hella Good ( makes the most luscious body washes. They look and smell like yummy cake frosting, and they're moisturizing, too. Birthday Suit is my favorite.

Sommer Designs (, makes lovely fabric handbags. They're cute, they're well made, and I love mine to death!

Hella Good and Sommer Designs are also small, independent, woman-owned companies.

My favorite teas are from Rishi (, Silk Road Teas ( Harney & Sons (, and Tao of Tea ( All super high-quality and delicious and Silk Road, in particular, carries some rare varieties.

And my favorite jewelry line is Elle B. ( - all handmade, one of a kind pieces, featuring unusual and rare vintage glass. Okay, it's made by me!

Tracy said...

My favorite things would include:
A nice hot french vanilla cappacino like the one i am drinking now! yummmm
And also delightful gourmet scented candles. (i sell incredible ones too) The aroma fills my entire house and is putting me very much into the holiday spirit!
And last but definitely not least would be.......MY HOT TUB!!! :)

Dana said...

Whew! My favorite things I can't live without are my Bible, my silver/gray razor cell phone, my palm pilot, my kids(do they count?)

Heidi Caswell said...

Most favorite thing to be outdoors, enjoying nature, cost $0, value infinite.

Another favorite thing to do, be outdoors and take my digital camera by Sigma with me. It is a little on the large size, but takes the most wonderful photos. For ease of use of point and shoot go back to Leslie's choice. Either way, get yourself a digital camera.

My favorite way to brighten someone's day, send a heart felt greeting card.

My son couldn't live without his Sony Ericsson W810i Walkman phone. I call it his umbilical cord, as he is always connected to it. One of the best cell phone cameras, I have no idea how many mp3's he has downloaded to the phone, lots, look at it as an ipod, camera, cell phone.

And my laptop, can't live without it, headphones and all.


Angela Betts said...

My Gateway Desktop and Laptop computers. CANNOT live without them AT ALL!

Dunkin Donuts coffee...LOVE IT!!

My sweats and puppy dog houseshoes in the winter...warm and cozy!

My hoop earrings...I ALWAYS wear hoops. :)

Angela Betts said...

OH! Almost forgot! GOTTA have my Aretha Franklin CD!!! :)

ColleenMcCluney said...

I love My Baby! I love my new cookbook "Eat, Shrink, and Be Merry" I love Dove chocolate. I love Isagenix, which is a way to cleanse, increase lean body mass and give your body excellent nutrition. I also love the business opportunity. I also love a good cup of coffee from Starbucks (like a cafe mocha).

BeaK. said...

Oh my, I have so many favorite things, so I'll focus on the ones that are a passion for me.

1) Growing and teaching others about healthy/herbal living.
Promoting and watching "Sage Hill Farms" grow is truely a passion for me.

2) Books, history, history and history, cookbooks, country living books, herb books, just books!

3) Music with a history and a story. Jazz, Blues, Celtic and Gospel.

4) Soft/comfortable clothing, bare legs and bra-less when I can get away with it.

5) Early morning, sunrises, and sunsets.

SkinCareGirl said...

Thanks for all your responses. Keep them coming!

Carole said...

...And these are a few of my favourite things.....:) Warm Spirit's Heavenly body glow, the whole line is delicious,the brown sugar scrub comes in a close second.The lavender line too and the new RED oh my my!!!!
Ms Bea(Sage Hill) vegetable seasoning mix, you can just dip your veggies right in, and eat.
Anything Egyptian,and West Indian especially a good roti, or a pot bake and saltfish.
Good Pottery and anything RED!!!My kitchen only has red appliances.
Oh I do love a good cup of french vanilla ice-cream and a cadbury chocolate bar every now and then.
Many blessings

Yvonne said...

I love my one cup of coffee for the day in the morning (hazelnut)... hmmm... waking up slowly ;-) and spending the first hours of the day with my tenant's little boy.
I also love my Appetizer Diet Cookies... such an easy and delicious way to lose weight.
I can not imagine my house without the soft scent of my Marlo Quinn candles.
I can not live without Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil), my cure for so many things (household and healthwise).
And of course Ican not imagine my life without my loving hubby of one year !!

Jan Verhoeff said...

Some of my favorite things include:

KimE's phone calls cuz she's just the bestest friend in the whole world (http://secretof

Liz's Orgasmic Cappuccino Brownies and her mama Gloria - cuz she's gonna send me back to the corner for using the "O" word to describe those Brownies in Public again (but you can get them at

Angela Betts affirmations - cuz she's the greatest!!! ( - oh yeah, she writes resumes and sells pink stuff too)

Ginger's book covers!!! Whhooo hoooo She can create a killer cover!

My favorite VA Wendy Cooper at keeps me on top of situations and on schedule. She even organizes my projects!!! What a woman!

And BeaK's herbs... Oooola la! Those delicious herbs on fresh pasta are absolutely the BEST you've ever tasted... So how do you find BeaK's herbs? Well, simple, you scan back up the site and find BeaK and click...

Best part is -- when you order from any of these folks, you can tell them Jan sent you and get their special "Jan" Service at no extra charge.

Or you could just stop by my site for the best of everything at

Ann Zuccardy said...

Hi Leslie,

I was just Googling myself and found my business listed here. What a lovely surprise. I miss you and the Ryze WIN group soooo much, but I just haven't had time for online networking lately. I've hired two bakers and now need to find a personal assistant to help with deliveries and local errands.

My favorite things:
- dark, dark, dark chocolate
- the smell of a baby
- the smell of the ocean
- a perfect meal followed with a perfect dessert, a wild game of Scrabble, and too much wine with my friends
- the feeling of rich soil on my bare hands when I'm weeding the garden
- the way my heart pounds after running a couple miles with my dog
- my incredible support network of entrepreneurial women :-)

Ann Zuccardy
Vermont Shortbread Company

alex said...

So glad you found my lists useful! I found yours equally so and think I might head out to try the Tazo Tea! I so could use a pick me up after this holiday season :D

Dina at said...

That Ann, always Googling herself in public! (Hee hee, couldn't resist an opportunity to bust on the Shortbread Lady).

Love your Favorite Things theme, Leslie! Great stuff.

A Few of Mine:

Writing copy for amazing people - go-getters, business builders, creative people, folks who know how to be bold and push the envelope.

Fresh air, clean water, earth, sky, sunshine on my shoulders, all the gifts of the good earth.

Good friends, chuckles, secrets, slapstick comedy, women who rock!

MEN - their big grins, their banter, their easy confidence, the way they move, their good sense.

I also share Heidi's fondness for technology (where would a copywriting geek be without her computer, printer, scanner, and this blessedly springly keyboard?) Love my digital cam too.

Thanks again - this was a good time.