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June 22, 2006

Celebrate Your Beauty!

Each year, Mary Kay Inc. spends millions of dollars on research and development to achieve our corporate objectives of maintaining the highest quality standards and delivering innovative, high-performing products in more than 30 markets worldwide.

Because Mary Kay Inc. performs or supervises every step of the product cycle from inspiration to formulation to distribution, each new product must pass through a series of stringent research and consumer testing procedures. Mary Kay scientists bring their innovative insight to study new ingredients and formulas, and test them for safety, quality, stability, purity, skin efficacy, product usage, performance and, of course, consumer acceptance.

Skin Care Quality and Safety
As the ever-evolving science of skin care becomes even more advanced, so do our testing procedures and skin care product lines. To further ensure quality and safety, all Mary Kay® product testing is performed or supervised by a team of Ph.D.s and other advanced-degreed Mary Kay scientists that includes toxicologists, pharmacists, microbiologists, chemists and biochemists. Consumers can be assured that at Mary Kay Inc., every ingredient decision we make is based on scientific fact, and that our safety testing program utilizes the most advanced technologies that science has to offer.

Because impartial evaluation of products is vital, we conduct clinical testing in independent laboratories, where ordinary consumers use our products under the strict supervision of board-certified dermatologists who then analyze and report the results. Extensive laboratory testing also includes tests for skin irritancy and allergy, and ophthalmologists evaluate all products that will be used in the eye area.

New! TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence
Formulated with our patent-pending Lucentrix™ complex, TimeWise® Even Complexion Essence is clinically shown to restore skin’s natural, even tone by helping reduce visible dark spots and reverse skin discoloration. And when added to a comprehensive age-fighting program like TimeWise® skin care, this concentrated serum can help every woman – from ivory to beige to bronze skin tones – see a more even complexion. You’ll see results in as little as four weeks. And with continuous use, the powerful results get even better.
84% of panelists experienced a more even skin tone.

Miracle Set
This premium collection of age-fighting products works together beautifully. The Miracle Set utilizes the latest skin care science to bring you the younger-looking skin you want with fewer lines and wrinkles, improved firmness and more even skin tone.

TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer
Now you can have anti-aging and priming benefits in one product. Create healthier-looking lips by fighting fine lines and wrinkles while light-diffusing microspheres decrease their appearance. Use it on lips, inside and outside your lip line, to extend lipstick wear and help prevent lipstick and lip gloss from feathering and bleeding. Based on a 12-week clinical study, a dermatologist saw 100% of panelists had an improvement of fine lines on lips.

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Celebrate Your Beauty!

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StillWater said...

Wow! Semi permanent make up has alot of uses! But did you know that a woman consumes over 4 to 9 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime! Here is the link that I found that shows all of the research: